New School Year 2021-2022

 It's somehow already here... the 2021-2022 school year, & our fourth year of the Folkhaus School! 


Homeschool mom confession: I'm not a very good planner. 

I am prone to manic days of productivity & depressive stretches where I hope we have established a good enough routine that most things can autopilot without me needing to be "on the ball" to have a good school day. I've had various levels of success. I know my kids are learning & growing, & that I am not entirely failing them, but I am not sure I am always showing up for them as much as they deserve on a regular basis because of my wacky brain chemistry (perhaps there are other parents who are nodding along with that, even if they don't homeschool- raising kiddos & handling your own mental health is tricky business). 

I have a lot of trouble committing to things far in advance, too. I always worry about planning to far ahead, because what if... we have a great opportunity to go on a trip? Or what if... we end up quarantined with Covid? Or what if... we have some sort of crisis OR what if the curriculum isn't really working for us, OR what if the internet goes out & all our lessons were online? You get the idea.

Big empty planners do not give me a sense of comfort. They are huge & full of possibility & life experiences yet to happen. This gives me Big Anxiety. So much so, that I tend to leave that big printed planner empty & neglected forever. Planners like that do not work for me. I psych myself all the way out of them.

This year, I am trying something a little different. I am in a bit of a manic run & am dedicating part of this time to establishing rhythm for the year. I like rhythm. It isn't tied to hour blocks, which gives me some freedom, but it is a routine with an organic framework. It makes my mind feel a little calmer, & gives my kids some direction, which I am told kids crave. I don't feel the anxiety that I am hemmed in, but I also don't feel unmoored. 

In addition, I have created a weekly planning sheet to print out every weekend to plan just a week ahead. A single paper. A little bite of the beast that is the school year, without having to stare down the whole animal & panic about being able to stomach it. Something to hole punch & add to my portfolio binder when the week is complete. Something fun & colorful with a little space to jot down what worked that week, what needs improvement, &/or what to scrap moving forward.


(click on the picture to download the file from my Google Drive! If you want a version with Maths, English, History, & Science pre-listed as subjects, click HERE)

I've also created another single-page subject quarterly plan/goal sheet. This will offer me a blueprint for the quarter, to build my weeks towards a goal, without being as looming & vague as my "yearly goals". If the weekly sheet is a bite of school planning, this is a portion size of the meal that is the year. 

(click on the picture to download the file from my Google Drive!)

If you are like me & need a smaller portion for planning, click on the images above to download the sheets for yourself! I hope this helps someone else as we head into another year of exploration & learning. Thanks for being here! And if you really like what I make & wish to support my work, I always appreciate that, too.


  1. I love this so so so much, I nodded the entire blog post, I super relate to the stress and anxiety of planning for the long term.


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