Coming Soon... the Write Women Book Fest!

 It's almost time for the first ever VIRTUAL Write Women Book Fest! So excited. From September 21-26, be sure to pop over to The Write Women blog & follow along with local authors & creators as we read aloud, teach some crafts, host workshops, etc. You can also shop virtually from each of the authors & vendors (a great way to get your holiday shopping done early without worrying about Covid exposure!).

Check in here on Wednesday, September 23 to see my crafty DIY inspiration video to make your own Zines! Geared for teens, but appropriate for all ages, I'll go over a little bit about the history of zines, how zines are a timeless way to make your voice heard, & where zines are celebrated & featured today. I'll also feature links to many existing resources for zine templates, zine news, & more, so you can fall down the rabbithole of self-driven learning (one of my favorite pastimes!).

DIY Zines


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