Folkhaus School: Food Exploration

Recently, I have looked at the little units I am building for our homeschool & the response on social media whenever I post about our studies (“I wish I was in your school!” is my favorite thing to hear & I thank every one of you who said that! It keeps me so motivated to make this schooling experience even better for my kiddos!), & I have realized that I can easily share our book lists, driving inquiries, & links to online resources here... for free!

As a homeschool mama & once-homeschooled-kid, I know it can be difficult to source free things (although there are so many more available with every passing day. The internet is the best tool!). I hope that these little exploration unit posts prove to be inspiring resources.

Please note that this is not a curriculum. This is a resource that provides inspiration & a “jumping off” point. I list the questions we asked & the books we used, but you can change these to reflect what you want to learn & the resources you have available to you. These Folkhaus School unit exploration posts are designed to help others connect multiple subjects to one main explorative concept, which can be tailored to a variety of age groups (my learners are all early elementary & younger). I’ll do my best to update these posts with more pertinent resources as I come across them in the future as well.

* * *

Driving Questions
feel free to add more if your learner has specific interests!

  • Where did food come from?
  • How do our bodies use food?  
  • In what ways do we use mathematics when it comes to food?
  • Can foods do more than nourish us?
  • Can food be delicious & beautiful?
  • Can food come from surprising sources or be useful in other ways?
  • How does the food industry impact the world today?

Our Foods Book List - Early Elementary

Why We Eat Dairy   by Beth Bence Reinke
Why We Eat Grains   " "
Why We Eat Protein   " "
Why We Eat Fruits   " "
How to Make a Pancake   by Dave Max
Cooking with Sam-I-Am  by Courtney Carbone

Our Cultures Book List -  Elementary/Middle

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story   by Kevin Nobel Maillard
Welcome to Jamaica   by Karen Kwek
Pakistan   " "
China   by Sui Noi Goh
Welcome to Scotland   by Graeme Cane
Germany   by Nicole Frank
Welcome to Nigeria   by Esther Kerr

Our List of Cookbooks - mostly geared for younger kids

Fun Stuff Cookies
Bake and Make Amazing Cakes    by Elizabeth MacLeod
Mom and Me Cookbook: Have Fun in the Kitchen!   by Annabel Karmel
Nourishing Traditions   by Sally Fallon

Our Reference Book List - kid-friendly, but for all ages

Food Anatomy   by Julia Rothman
100 Things to Know About Food
Look Inside Our World
National Geographic's World Atlas for Young Explorers

Online Resources We Loved

HiHo Kids on YouTube - watching these kids try foods from around the world was entertaining & enlightening!
This video about school lunches around the world
This video about street food around the world
Tastemade programs, particularly Sourced (I do have a paid account to their streaming service, so I can access more content)
This awesome site of Quicklinks from Usborne Books that is designed to work with 100 Things to Know About Food

* * *

Thanks for dropping by, & hope you enjoy this hub for exploring the history, geography, science, mathematics, & art of FOOD! 


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