DIY Kid Art Gallery Wall

Well, back when I planned the content for this post, I never could have foreseen how much time we all would have to spend at home. How strange & surreal is the world right now? Everything is the same, & nothing is the same. So weird.

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

We generally stay home most of our time, so this new normal is only slightly more homebound than our old normal. When you are in a house with kids all day, you’ll find that filling time with art is a daily reprieve... but it generates a lot of work! We have a large folder “portfolio” for Rue, our resident wee artiste, but the fridge was too small to showcase her current masterpieces. Hanging up her work inspires her & makes her shine, so we wanted to encourage that. Fortunately, we have a playroom (we dubbed “the Kid Lounge”) with wall space to get creative; although, a space in her room, the hallway, or another space would work equally well.

This project took me about a day to complete. I did it in two half-day sessions. I used another paint sample, this time in “Amber Waves” by Sherwin Williams, some leftover paint from other rooms in our home, & some FolkArt multisurface paints that I had on hand. Some painters tape, brushes, & these Command clips round out the supply list.

Supplies at a Glance:
Painters Tape
Command Clips
*Pencil for sketching frames if you want

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

Use what you have! Practice social distancing & see what you already have in your home. If you need supplies, use the Amazon links or order with a pick up or delivery option. 

Step 1: wipe down your walls with a damp cloth. It feels like a waste of time, maybe, but it is best to have a clean surface.

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

Step 2: tape off your “matte” spaces. In a framed work, art is usually matted to help set apart the work from the frame. I wanted to do the same here.

*you can use real frames for reference & either make a paper template of them to tape around or simply tape around an existing frame (this would require teamwork). I just eyeballed it & made a ton of shapes in a variety of sizes.

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

Step 3: paint inside the tape with your color of choice. Or colors, if you want more than one! Be sure to apply a second or even third coat if needed.

*not into bold colors? Try a subtle shade shift, going a couple tones darker or lighter than your wall color. For a minimalist feel, keep the simple square/rectangle shapes.

Step 4: carefully remove tape

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

Step 5: clean up your lines if your paint bled under the tape. If you want to, paint frames around the outside of your base squares/rectangles. I went whimsical, with the idea that the Kid Lounge was an illustrated version of our living room, & made the frames mimic the kind I drew as a kid in my “dream room” sketches. 

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

Step 6: once all the paint is dry, apply a Command Clip to the top area of each frame (or more if you made some panorama frames like I did) so you can easily change out the artwork regularly! 

*If you do not have or want the clips, washi tape also works! We started with some clips & some washi tape, but now all of the frames have a clip or two.

Making a Kid Art Gallery Wall (

Need art inspo for your kids? Check out Art Hub for Kids & enjoy Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems. Enjoy your cheerful art gallery in your home!

See additional photos from this project here!


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