Birthday Parties in the Age of Social Distancing

I was so looking forward to Sylas's birthday this year. He made huge cognitive leaps between ages 3 & 4, including vast growth in his vocabulary & bounds forward in socialization. It was the first year he started identifying who his friends are & the first year he was aware of the concept of his birthday & what it means to celebrate. We had plans to pull together a party a couple weeks after his actual birthday, when our schedules were more open. Obviously, that is not happening, even though our schedules are wiiiiiddddeeee open.

Two nights before his birthday, I posted on Facebook that messages, videos, etc would be appreciated as a way to make his day feel more special. What happened was better. He got messages, cards, & videos. Family stopped by to say hello & drop off gifts, maintaining the 10+ foot social distance guidelines in place at that time. Friends surprised us with a 15 minute flash "party" with birthday signs & a song. We ran the bubble machine toward the driveway so family/sibling groups could take turns running through the bubbles. It was weird to maintain distance & be so intentional about spacing & contact, but it still felt very much like a party day celebrating our middle kiddo!

I cut together this little video to share. I missed filming some visitors & some gifts, but we appreciated everyone who made his day feel so special & hope this little video makes you all feel like you were able to celebrate with us fully. Thank you all for making this quarantined birthday boy feel loved!


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