New Year, New Books, New Goals

*This post contains affiliate links with Amazon. I do receive a small commission for any purchases made of the items from the links. All recommendations, however, are made whole-heartedly, & all content linked represents items I am truly passionate or excited about.*

My favorite thing about the new homeschool year is finding new resources. We do school year-round, taking more frequent breaks than most school systems in the area, but for shorter durations. We like that this allows us to take a vacation in fall to explore in the mountains or to take time in spring to visit museums or whatever else may strike our fancy. Still, when the back-to-school specials start, we restock & get excited... & I try to build on to our academic library with a few more useful titles. Throughout the year, we rely mostly on finding titles via our local library, but there is a thrill in the splurge of investing in our own books annually!

My most recent purchase has been the Julia Rothman Collection & I am so excited to get these books in my hot little hands! My sister-in-law brought along the Food Anatomy book on family vacation this year & I decided upon first perusal that they were resources worth investing in. Amazon has the whole collection right now in a box set!

One of my favorite subjects to explore with my learners is natural science, so these books will likely be very often used. I also love the style of them; as we learn, we illustrate our own studies (& this year will begin to make notes next to the illustrations). The concept of these books is much the same.

This year, I am excited to put all our lessons into one big coherent Exploration Book, & bought all my learners & myself sketchbooks! The concept is much like the Waldorf education style main lesson book, but stylistically I tend to lean more to the old explorer's journal aesthetic than the traditional Waldorf pastel simplicity.

I am also excited to design the badges I plan to make the kiddos, which they will earn with the completion of milestones that I am working on identifying as I loosely map out our year. We'll spend part of the lesson time working on embroidering our own versions of the badges & when we complete the unit & the badges, we'll sew them onto our Folkhaus sashes! My hope is that they will be excited to wear these & show off what they earn, & retain what they learn in each unit by associating the information with the visual of the badge.

I am also working on putting together a page on this blog that will list all the books & resources that we love to use so anyone who is interested can reference it at their leisure. You'll be able to find it via my navigation bar. It will also link to Amazon via my affiliate account for ease of shopping if you want to purchase easily from my recommendations!

What things are you doing to prepare for the upcoming school year? If you homeschool & have some resources or planning methods you love, please leave me a comment about them! If you don't homeschool but have some books to recommend that could be used in a homeschool context, please feel free to share as well!


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