Re-Entering the Blogisphere

It's been a while since I have been a blogger, but at this point in my life, I feel it is a good time to start up again. Firstly, because of my art. I want to share it in an accessible way & I personally love getting to know artists via their own blogs & websites, so I figured I ought to offer the same to the world. Secondly, because of our homeschool journey; again, I love to read about other homeschool families. So, this blog will encompass our personal home life, schooling, & my art. That may sound a little mixed up, but really, my life is all of those things interwoven like threads into a piece of cloth, & to omit any one of them would be to skew the big picture that informs each one individually.

So, let's begin with my art. I am currently still making dolls & fiber art (I have them for sale in my Etsy shop, Scribbles in Stitches) when time allows. However, having just had our third child & homeschooling the elder two, I have also returned to illustration. It's a little less difficult to set up & get into than all the sewing gear, so I can work on a piece throughout the day, or at night after everyone has gone to sleep (hello... that's right now! ha). My current mediums of choice are watercolors, colored pencils, & gouache. I have a lot of projects dancing through my head, vying for my attention, so I have been steadily filling my sketchbook with potential. Stories are unfolding, characters are introducing themselves, & magic is brewing!

Homeschooling is one of those things that I have to lose myself in for it to really meet the potential I feel it has. So, I tend to throw myself & my kids into our lessons with as much imagination, excitement, & spirit of adventure as I can possibly muster. Currently, we have just disembarked from a mental journey aboard the Mayflower & are discovering that the lands of America are not untamed wilds as misinterpreted in the years following, but were cleverly utilized by the indigenous Wampanoag nation (who had been devastated by plague brought by traders from Europe in the years prior). We oscillate between science units & history units, & really are just keeping an explorative gusto to the experience, following our interests & finding as many interesting ways to learn as possible. My Rue is incredibly astute in mathematics (which terrifies me as much as it fills me with pride) & Sly is slowly but surely building vocabulary. Watching them learn & seeing their minds make connections is one of the most wild things I have ever witnessed. Part of what keeps me engaged in their studies is illustrating the content as we go. I have loose plans of making something from that- perhaps downloadable art bundles by subject?-, but for now, it is enough to do it just for our own educational journey.

Our world is comprised of our little school, our art projects & music forays, our whirling shadows dancing on the walls, gardening, puppet shows, refracted light fairies begging to be scooped into pudgy hands, & delicious kitchen experiments. All our living is in this home we dubbed the Folkhaus. We are excited to share some of our more interesting adventures & projects! Welcome to our new blog for doing precisely that.


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