Draw This In Your Style

I recently have determined to not only find & perfect my own style, but to teach myself how to illustrate in a variety of styles with my own flair. I want to be able to have a definite look that says "this is mine", but I also want to be skilled enough to create work that is maybe a bit more realistic or work that is more simplified than my usual style, so my body of work encompasses a larger scope. Practically, this is useful if I were to break into commercial illustrative work, but also, it seemed a good exercise to keep me pushing myself & my art in new & interesting directions... ensuring I don't get bored or complacent. I've been working on some #drawthisinyourstyle Instagram challenges posted by artists I admire. I am trying to mix up what media I use in these pieces, limiting myself to one medium or broadening the scope of materials to three or four mediums. If you have not already, follow along on Instagram at @folkhaus_studios, where I post comparisons to the original works as well! What challenges have you set for yourself recently?

based on the prompt from Furry Little Peach

based on the prompt from JoRioux Draws


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