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New Zines! & Finding Creative Momentum Again

 I've finally been busy with creative endeavors again. 2020 was brutal. I lost myself. I thought I would be fine (introvert homebody), but the lack of creative connection & collaboration with others completely sapped me. I had no drive to do anything. I had no motivation. It was (& still is) difficult to start projects without having the initiative already there. Creativity is dependent on momentum in my experience. The more momentum I have already, the more motivation I have to create even more. Creative output begets creative output. I am basically coming back from a complete standstill (& some of the deepest depression of my adult life). How did I start generating some momentum when I had been virtually motionless in my creativity? Low expectation art creation. Specifically, making zines. Initially, I was making one-page, folded mini zines (like the kind I made in the tutorial for last year's virtual Write Women Book Fest ). I felt free to explore & make mis

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