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Homeschool Education Resources - Free & Budget Options!

 *This is a long post with a lot of info. I will also return to update it throughout the year as necessary.  If you are someone who likes to return to a resource regularly, like I am, bookmark this post for easy return navigation!* Every year, I spend a couple weeks searching for new secular websites & resources for our school year that are FREE. I have noticed that no one path really pans out for us any year, so having a carousel of options tends to be worthwhile. When one avenue no longer works, I pivot my sights to another & pick up about where we left off. I homeschool kinda like a "choose your own adventure" quest. It seems silly to me, to limit myself, when there are so many resources out there!  I will include mention of a few paid options that we have experience with as well; many have free trials &/or are on the less expensive side as far as curriculum & resources go. As far as I have been able to tell, the resources listed here are secular unless oth

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